lists and hiccups

The Second week went A bit more smoothly, I suppose.  she  got another heel poke, and bled all over the place.  The nurse put the band aid on the wrong foot.   says a lot for the hospital I went to.  in short  they all put the band aid on the wrong foot.  I hate this hospital.  If I have another baby, I’ll probably end up going to Coeur D’ alene or Spokane.

Daniel was home for the weekend and we had Easter at moms house,  nothing to terribly interesting has happened.

Well going out in public with Alice is a new experience.   She cried and I panicked and left the store…..Twice.  but she didn’t win the third time!  People are always asking how old she is and cooing over her.   Stop.  people.  Please.    its annoying.  she’s a human.  a human baby.   you’ve all seen one before.    people get excited to see dogs and babies in the store!   people are dumb!    Follow me.