no milk or blood this week, maybe some rain though.

sometimes I think Alice hates me. she’ll cry and cry and cry for me then I feel like once Daniel gets home shes fine for him. wtf. I am your mother. then I think I’m my mother. and that’s just no good cuz I hated my mother, but I also had legit reasons. she was an alcoholic. I am not. maybe I’m too rough with her? when I change her positions slow down with her? she has grown a bit though. up to 9 pounds. this makes my happy.

In other news, went to craft night and made a horrible dream catcher. it’s a rounded out hanger with string on it. I really, Really suck and arts and crafts. everything I make turn to crap and if it does look good, its by accident. once, I put some dead sticks on a wall and it turned out awesome. something people would pay good money for, but I try to mog pog something and it turns to crap. yep, I’m the kid that failed art class. however if you gave me a story line I could probably write a decent story.

nothing terribly interesting has happened lately though. We went out and saw Fast 7. Daniel really wanted to go to it. when it comes down to what I want to do, I always reply with “I don’t know” because there isn’t anything in this town I want to do. there is eating, movies, grocery shop. that’s it! I would say hang out with friends but I don’t have any! so I sit here all day and do a bunch of chores and grocery shop because everyone is too busy doing other things. ok I’m done with that rant.

the cat is still alive, child is sleeping and blog is updated. who really reads this? I’m going to go in my room now and pretend to put clothes away.                         you.  carry on.