Flip Flop Weed.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Flip Flop.”

I thought it was going to be about my favorite pair of flip-flops. any who. Lets talk about drugs. I think the topic is much like the topic of sex whereas, it is still a bit taboo. When thinking of drugs, I think of weed. This is where the topic of said “Flip flop” comes in to play.

Yes, I have smoked before. I know several people who do smoke. This I don’t have a problem with. The problem I do think I have with, Is when you spend all your money on it and can’t pay your bills. It’s just like anything else. I could say the same thing about java junkies or shopaholics. That’s when anything becomes a problem.

Yes, it is illegal. Yes, It has some physical repercussions. However, if you were to ask 100 adults if they would rather be in a room with a drunk, or with a stoner… people would choose the stoner. Why? Because you’re at less risk of.. 1. getting into a fight. 2. getting puked on.

I’m also not saying everyone who drink is this way.  I drink on occasion.

I don’t smoke anymore. and I’m kind of biased against people who do. which contradicts everything I just wrote. but people who I know that smoke, a lot of time do it to the point of excess. they can’t pay the bills, and they have a problem with it. so I assume everyone has a problem with it. which isn’t true. and I know that.  Does this make any sense?