new news

So I haven’t written in here for about…..2 months. sorry. I wasn’t lying when I said I suck at this blog thing.

lots of things have happened in the recent time frame though.  Alice is almost sitting up and smiling more. still famous and awesome. Shasta, my 15 year old cat, is still alive.  Daniel, my husband, is still working a ridiculous amount of hours.

“Husband?” you ask… O yes,  that also happened.   I GOT MARRIED !!  It was on June 27th in 107 degree heat.  I am now 26, a mother and a wife.   I got to hang out with my sister in law more.  I’m becoming a firm believer that if you want to get to know someone more, drink together.  no joke.  although it made me realize how many friends I don’t have.  which isn’t many.  yes, lot of people were at the wedding but day to day, I don’t hang out or talk to anyone.  its pretty lonely. so if you happen to be in Sandpoint…….  haha.

we also got a new TV. like a 45 inch flat screen for fathers day. it was expensive so I think for his birthday and Christmas he will only get sex and food.  A bad wife already.

maybe readers should ask me questions to keep me writing.    on that note my vertigo is acting up again. doctors visit tomorrow I guess.   ughhhh so gross.     ask me stuff. DSCN0372