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sick of life

I’m kinda sick of the internet.   my words on here don’t change a thing in anyone else’s world. I pretty much got rid of my Facebook account because of something someone said.   I spend too much time on here anyways.  you don’t give a shit about my world. and if you did you might have my number but then you wouldn’t call me cuz you got your shit going on.  so really….   what’s the fuckin point.  you’re just going to keep scrolling on by.   I’ve been without hiding for too long.   I need to go back to my crypt and sleep for another century.  wake me up when civilization decides to care about one another again.  till then stop pretending to give a fuck.

Comments and readings.

A comment I left.  “So the way I’m seeing it is that the Tarot is more like catholic religion. Strict rules, all our ducks in a row and if you miss a Sunday your doomed.  Oracle cards are non denominational but still with a higher power in mind.   I prefer oracle cards.   they seem more relaxing and less intimidating.”   please follow me and teach me I want to know more.

Werid dreams

So I’m thinking that my bedroom need a smugging because I keep having really weird dreams and I’m tired of it. On the other hand its 4th of July and I’m trying to get ready for the parade Alice won’t be having another parade until she’s almost a year old. We bought $50 worth of fireworks and I’m really hoping that it’s worth the $50.  we lit one off last night and it was crap but the fire work was cute. I’m trying out this Google microphone thing to see if it helps me write in a better that way. I can just speak from my thoughts to here. So far I’m having to go back and type a lot of stuff though and I find myself stuttering because, I don’t usually talk to myself it feels weird but it’s kind of working.  

new news

So I haven’t written in here for about…..2 months. sorry. I wasn’t lying when I said I suck at this blog thing.

lots of things have happened in the recent time frame though.  Alice is almost sitting up and smiling more. still famous and awesome. Shasta, my 15 year old cat, is still alive.  Daniel, my husband, is still working a ridiculous amount of hours.

“Husband?” you ask… O yes,  that also happened.   I GOT MARRIED !!  It was on June 27th in 107 degree heat.  I am now 26, a mother and a wife.   I got to hang out with my sister in law more.  I’m becoming a firm believer that if you want to get to know someone more, drink together.  no joke.  although it made me realize how many friends I don’t have.  which isn’t many.  yes, lot of people were at the wedding but day to day, I don’t hang out or talk to anyone.  its pretty lonely. so if you happen to be in Sandpoint…….  haha.

we also got a new TV. like a 45 inch flat screen for fathers day. it was expensive so I think for his birthday and Christmas he will only get sex and food.  A bad wife already.

maybe readers should ask me questions to keep me writing.    on that note my vertigo is acting up again. doctors visit tomorrow I guess.   ughhhh so gross.     ask me stuff. DSCN0372

2am words

Its 2am. Alice is sleeping fine but, I’m up because I found an old post on a website Daniel wrote.

I’m getting married in 23 days. MARRIED. can’t turn back. I will be Mrs.Tietjen. Julia Tietjen…. I am scared shitless. not because of him or because my life isn’t what I want. I think its because this is a forever thing…. and I’ve never done forever before. tell me how to do this…