When shit hits the carpet…

Becuase its a lot harder to clean shit from a carpet, than it is from a fan!  More on that fun experiance later.  lets backtrack to Wednesday.

Wednesday is my art day. they have the paint & sip that cost, like, $35 and it a BYOB.  its not that. its $5 and with a bunch of kids. I would much rather pay that, and learn about how kids think and come out with some cool art.  I can’t remember her name, but she does waterpaints of Hawaii. Here is mine.  what do you think?

 I don’t think I care much for watercolor, as it takes a certain chemical balance of water and patience. Mine isnt so bad, though. I really enjoy these classes. They’re cheap and I’m friends with the teacher and we do all art things, like….the art with the broken glass that I can’t remember the name of.  I wasnt very good at that one but it’s one I’ve always wanted to do! 

Thanksgiving~ the 7 of us, went to DKs place and after we ate, Alice was playing the drums and Dads spirit, decied he loved it sooo much, to turn off the power.  luckily, all was said and done and the kids had fun for about a half an hour with flashlights. 

lets see…..we set up the Christmas tree, went to the musem on Saturday…and thats about all, except for my shitty ending

Today! Decided to go big and cook a pot roast!  all was a good daythus far…. I moved her bed over to the window and we were playing on the floor.

Me: “you stink, we need to change your butt.”

Alice : “I’m pooping..”

Me: “yea,  I can smell it.  lets go”

lays her on carpeted blue floor in her room.


she was a river of shit. up the back, on the carpet. it was bath time.  Dan helped scrub the floor. 

I really hoped it would never happen to me…..I’m so sad it did.  we’re buying cottons tomorrow!  I’m very tired of this shit show.    

Merry December! (the pot rost turned out fine.)

Rule of three

Todays adventures went well.

we decided to get out of the house and head for the park.  We live near a large lake in North Idaho. Some people have named our town “The most beautiful small town” I’m glad i live here for only a few reasons. One being you dont really need a car here. In the summer, you can just walk to the lake and go swiming. I’ve lived in places where you need a car to get anywhere good. the damn was up a canyon and the bus didn’t go up there and the river in the city is dirty, filled with old junk cars and who know what else.   no, this lake is relativly clean. If you like the snow, (weirdo) there is a resort for that also.

The things I hate about it here are the tourists. when I go camping in a area and see nothing but out of state licence plates and i can;t even camp in a local spot~ thats why I hate them! locals need’to learn to shut up about local spots!  i;m not bragging to you where i camp or where the best place to fish is.  go away people!  don’t act like your better than me! I know where we hide the bodies!


After the park we went to grandmas and i’m sorry this photo didnt come out so clear. trying to drive and take photos.

See how the sky an clouds meet?  It was a nice day. A little windy but still good.

Tomorrow I might try to get the tree out for Yule. There are more presents to wrap and I got a gift in the mail, I know what it is cuz its from Amazon, but, It just reminds me how I love to get mail and packages!

How was your day?   Is your tree set up yet?   let me know!   untill tomorrow….have a good evening.

10 am. 

Hey! its 10 in morning and Alice is still sleeping, so I better do this quick. 

yesterday, while looking thought my old blog, I noticed a few things. I

1. I suck and grammer and puctuatuion. 

2.  the number 2.   no.. not poop…  2  and i started thinkng about the pattterned numbers in my life and how i fear for he worst next year….

ya see, my life is almost a roman tragety. but here is my time line

1988~ the Earth shook because I was born! 

1998~ my mother died

2008~ Ada ( not alice) was born.   thats a story in its self. 


   I’m not gonna lie when I say I’m a little freaked out.  

Oh shit!   shes awake!  GTG!   check our the “about me page”.  I fixed it. and follow me….

2 years ago…

SO….sorry I’ve been AWOL.  no excuses. Alice is now 2 years old and turning 3 in March,

And I’m suffering silently from depression.

about a month ago, I had a breakdown and locked myself in the bathroom.  At the time  I didn’t think much of it, and it was soon over and back on with life after a walk.

Family came to visit this Thanksgiving week, and tonight, I had another breakdown…but this one was quiet and inside myself.  I wanted to sleep for the winter.  I kind of just wanted to take a few pills and sleep. I still want to do this….

Dan doesn’t quite understand it I don’t think.  is this postpartum? what do I do when I can’t afford to see a therapist? self medicate with herbal remedies?

will writing this help?   I feel like i need someone out there to hear me. CAN YOU HEAR ME?  i don’t have friends.  i guess what tipped me off today, was inviting a friend over and she said no.   she always says no.  i always have to visit her.  shouldn’t a friendship be both ways?

right now she wont go to sleep.  when do i get my time?    never…..i will never get my time and when i do, I’ll just end up feeling guilty about it.

ok  I guess I’m done complaining for now. after all, I don’t think anyone is out there.  I’m losing faith in humanity and myself.

new news

So I haven’t written in here for about…..2 months. sorry. I wasn’t lying when I said I suck at this blog thing.

lots of things have happened in the recent time frame though.  Alice is almost sitting up and smiling more. still famous and awesome. Shasta, my 15 year old cat, is still alive.  Daniel, my husband, is still working a ridiculous amount of hours.

“Husband?” you ask… O yes,  that also happened.   I GOT MARRIED !!  It was on June 27th in 107 degree heat.  I am now 26, a mother and a wife.   I got to hang out with my sister in law more.  I’m becoming a firm believer that if you want to get to know someone more, drink together.  no joke.  although it made me realize how many friends I don’t have.  which isn’t many.  yes, lot of people were at the wedding but day to day, I don’t hang out or talk to anyone.  its pretty lonely. so if you happen to be in Sandpoint…….  haha.

we also got a new TV. like a 45 inch flat screen for fathers day. it was expensive so I think for his birthday and Christmas he will only get sex and food.  A bad wife already.

maybe readers should ask me questions to keep me writing.    on that note my vertigo is acting up again. doctors visit tomorrow I guess.   ughhhh so gross.     ask me stuff. DSCN0372

2am words

Its 2am. Alice is sleeping fine but, I’m up because I found an old post on a website Daniel wrote.

I’m getting married in 23 days. MARRIED. can’t turn back. I will be Mrs.Tietjen. Julia Tietjen…. I am scared shitless. not because of him or because my life isn’t what I want. I think its because this is a forever thing…. and I’ve never done forever before. tell me how to do this…

share my world.

Share your world

What type of pets do you have or want?  ~ I wish I had another boxer dog.  I had one named voo who died a few years ago.  I loved her so.  my mother had voo’s daughter Daisy and if I had the room I would take daisy but a dog and a baby would be hard.

What was or is your favorite cartoon?   I don’t really have a favorite.   I like ed edd and eddy.

When you’re alone at home, do you wear shoes, socks, slippers, or go barefoot?   I hate being barefoot. so I wear my slippers or flip flops. 

Are you a traveler or a homebody?   If I’m with someone I like to travel but if I’m alone I’d rather be home.

What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?  I’m grateful that Daniel has days off and I’m looking forward to Alice’s doctors appointment.

I like answering questions

no milk or blood this week, maybe some rain though.

sometimes I think Alice hates me. she’ll cry and cry and cry for me then I feel like once Daniel gets home shes fine for him. wtf. I am your mother. then I think I’m my mother. and that’s just no good cuz I hated my mother, but I also had legit reasons. she was an alcoholic. I am not. maybe I’m too rough with her? when I change her positions slow down with her? she has grown a bit though. up to 9 pounds. this makes my happy.

In other news, went to craft night and made a horrible dream catcher. it’s a rounded out hanger with string on it. I really, Really suck and arts and crafts. everything I make turn to crap and if it does look good, its by accident. once, I put some dead sticks on a wall and it turned out awesome. something people would pay good money for, but I try to mog pog something and it turns to crap. yep, I’m the kid that failed art class. however if you gave me a story line I could probably write a decent story.

nothing terribly interesting has happened lately though. We went out and saw Fast 7. Daniel really wanted to go to it. when it comes down to what I want to do, I always reply with “I don’t know” because there isn’t anything in this town I want to do. there is eating, movies, grocery shop. that’s it! I would say hang out with friends but I don’t have any! so I sit here all day and do a bunch of chores and grocery shop because everyone is too busy doing other things. ok I’m done with that rant.

the cat is still alive, child is sleeping and blog is updated. who really reads this? I’m going to go in my room now and pretend to put clothes away.                         you.  carry on.

Chips Ahoy, Alice!

On the first day of spring, a solar eclipse happened on Earth, Something else also, happened on Earth.  I became a mother.   Miss Alice-Trinity was born a week and three days ago.  So far I’ve kept her alive with the help of my betrothed, Daniel.  I never realized how big my cat was until I brought her home.

Now she sleeps in a Boppy pillow next to me giving me, a few spare moments to type this out, Though I should be sleeping.

So far I feel motherhood is hilarious and ridiculous at the same time.   I don’t think I’ve laughed at one person so much in a long time.  Her facial expressions are ridiculous and her not having teeth yet is also comical. of course one would hope she doesn’t have teeth yet being only a week old.

The ridiculous part is that all she mostly does is sleep, eat and poop.  while awake she will gaze off at the walls or at my face. and if that’s not happening she is screaming at me that she has gas and there is nothing I can do but wait it out while she yells in my ear.

There is a lot of milk and blood involved in this so far. Milk leaking from me like a faucet, drenching shirts and pants and smelling awful.  waking up in the morniWIN_20150330_181641ng with a wet shirt makes me feel oh so sexy,   not.

I have yet to shave my legs since about two-months ago and am having a period that won’t end for a while.

I can’t wait for her to be less floppy. This is the adventure.   Follow me and lets see what happens next.